Tahas Bible Institute is a Christian Seminary in Kampong Chhnang Province of Cambodia, dedicated to educating pastors for service in Cambodia.

Since 1992, the Christian Church in Cambodia is growing every day. From 1992 until 2005, over 2000 new churches have been founded in Cambodia. Tahas is dedicated to educating and providing Cambodian pastors for the rapid growth that is occurring, and is participating in an ambitious plan to plant 11,000 churches by year 2021. (Mission Kampuchea 2021)

Kampong Chhnang Province is a central province of Cambodia, and was chosen so that students pastoring in all directions could attend.

To provide basic pastoral training, especially for leaders who were already in charge of a church, Tahas Bible Institute was launched. Tahas is an interdenominational program, it provides theological and skills training by means of eight two-week study modules over a two-year period.

Both men and women gather at the campus of TBI for these two week modules. They come from various evangelical traditions. Some come from other provinces, traveling a day’s journey or more to reach TBI.

Courses cover Old and New Testament Survey, Church History, Apologetics, Church Administration, Preaching and several focused Biblical sections.

The Principal/administrator of TBI is Sok Em, himself an experienced pastor, church planter and teacher, speaking both Khmer and English. Ordained by the Free Methodist Church in his ministry has included several denominations in both Canada and Cambodia. Course instructors at TBI come from various denominations and several countries. Some courses are taught in Khmer, while others are taught in English with the help of a translator.

Nutritious meals are provided for the students in the TBI dining room. Sleeping accommodations are in rooms shared by several men or several women.

Students are not expected to pay the full cost of their training, although it is important that everyone contribute; each student pays about $8.00 US per module. The balance is covered by scholarship donations.

The total cost of the two-year program is approximate $2,000. Sponsorships are solicited from interested supporters anywhere in the world.